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Precision Nordic Watercraft

Zegul is established in Sweden in 2008 by kayakers Alexander Nyberg and Johan

Wirsen. They believed it was possible to create a sea kayak with high-performance,

excellent tracking and confidence-inspiring stability all in one design.

After extensive testing and refinement they hit the mark with the now classic

Zegul 550, which became one of the fastest and best tracking sea kayaks in Europe. The innovative hull design featured a unique hard chine which made the

boat very stable and helped establish Zegul as a premium kayak brand. Over

the next decade kayak designer Hans Friedel expanded the range around the

principle that stability and performance are not mutually exclusive. Today Zegul

kayaks are sold in over 30 countries and continue to intrigue the paddling enthusiasts wherever they are introduced. To this day Zegul’s products are handmade in Estonia reflecting attention of detail on each kayak manufactured.

Zegul 2022 lineup concludes comprehensive range that includes recreational

models, racing kayaks and true expedition kayaks. Recreational users enjoy the

combination of stability and lightness of Ormen and Dreki series. Nominated

Zegul Easy is available in Flax fi bre layup for paddlers looking for standout design.

Zegul Touring and Play models represent variety of hull shapes, volumes

and layups. Our Specialty and Expedition kayaks conclude unique selection of

products designed and improved by those who have conquered the areas of the

world unseen for most of us. Zegul 2022 lineup offers a boat for every style and

skill level.


Zegul has the Nordic (Finnish) mindset of reaching past perceived limitations and transforming barriers into frontiers.




Zegul focuses on shapes, colors, and components that combine to express durability and versatility.

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Zegul kayaks reflect craftsmanship that blends technology and tradition to accommodate each day’s adventure.

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Zegul embraces a spirit of enterprise and enthusiasm for going above and beyond.

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